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2 Aug 2011

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement rings are very important for couples who are seriously thinking about marriage. What would be in the near or long term, both men and women attach significant value to the first ring. Men that want to impress women, and generally move with a pre-selected ring purchased and available at pocket. The woman wanted to show his friends and “world” that he was dedicated to someone. diamond is almost always the preferred option and the most expensive. Diamond rings are available in a variety of sizes and prices. The larger the diamond the more valuable.

There are very few websites that sell a diamond engagement ring in a large variation accompanied by a minimum price tag. However, a diamond engagement ring is offered for sale on the website most have been certified and therefore safe. online shops and shopping facilities generally gives you a preview catalog and price includes original antique diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding ring. Some Web sites as far as to offer wholesale diamond ring at a discount.

online shopping sites actively compete for customers with offers and packages transactions, variations in style and texture of the diamond. They offer money-back guarantee on items such as gold rings diamond order to attract and retain good relations with customers, they sometimes throw in a piece of jewelry is more expensive than offering a bonus.

Most women tend to go for a vintage that generally offers a unique antique engagement ring with a history and, therefore, certified as authentic. Of course there are others who choose their rings with color and shape, while some choose their stones by jewel in connection with their birthstones. Diamond engagement ring is not limited in style, other than antiques, the girls are making choices based on whatever they think will make a bigger impact. Emerald, a pillow, passion fruit, heart, oval, trillion, luxury and ready-cut like the baguette. Diamonds come in many sizes, carat and clarity. The perfect diamond, the greater the price.

online jewelry store offering platinum quality, quality and solitaire diamond ring and is available in various shapes and sizes. They also give details of who makes jewelry manufacturer and supplier of colored diamonds that provides all products related to marriage or engagement. They not only allows you to view the online catalog, but to facilitate the purchase of a special diamond ring on their website. international diamond can also be accessed for online purchases.

Other services offered exclusively by the promise of online stores products they sell and wholesale tax free. Internationally certified diamonds international, is the best quality and can be purchased with a competitive wholesale prices. In fact, online stores are the best place to find authentic antique engagement ring. They not only offer a 5 year warranty on their products but they also offer a free service for 5 years as well.

The rings is a symbol of the bond of love of all time and universally applicable. He became a marker of the beginning of a relationship and explain the status of the wearer. On the left finger ring ring as if to speak: hey leave alone, I’m with somebody. They believe the circle ring as a symbol of eternal love.

diamond rings

Centuries later the western world adopted this tradition. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings is considered as a symbol of love and confidence that marked relations between men and women. Sometimes given before the marriage, known as engangement ring or engagement rings, wedding ceremonies can also now known as the wedding ring or wedding ring.

Symbol In the ring

In its development, shape and design of the ring - the ring evolved. In ancient Roman times, for example, there is a model known as a key rings made of brass, bronze, or iron. This rings as a symbol to go home and the husband may use his property. Key ring models are used to open the jewelry box.

Diamond rings began to bloom used in the engagement began in 18th century Europe, there are several reasons that make the diamond became so popular, that it emits beauty, strength and found a diamond mine in Brazil.

The ladies usually use the big diamonds for earrings, tiaras, necklaces, and bracelets. But for the rings they wear a small diamond or fine silver is tied to the ring made of gold is the Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of the English called the first time you select a diamond-studded rings for his marriage. The ratupun known as the Queen of Diamond.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings , Choosing ring At present, a variety of wedding rings available in various models and materials are very varied. But the wedding ring is the most commonly used base material using gold or platinum. Gold comes in various colors like yellow, pink or white as platinum. Rust levels commonly used is 18 carat gold. 24-karat pure gold less would make a great wedding ring because of the nature of the metal is soft and easy to change due to daily use.

Another option is a silvery white sheen of platinum-colored classic style. Like gold, the ring is determined levels of a mixture of other metals such as iridium and ruthenium. For the price of platinum rings made from relatively more expensive than gold.

Design a engagement rings is generally simple. Many couples choose a plain design because it is practical for day-to-day. If you want more special, is to give a touch choosing gems on gold or platinum ring. Diamonds are still the most popular choice to date.

In selecting a suitable engagement rings there are some things that can be used as a guide.


Price diamond engagement rings is usually determined by the type of material, rust and levels of severity. Like-diamonds as well as additional decoration. For a certified diamond wedding rings, for example, the price is definitely more expensive than ordinary rings. When a limited budget can be tricked by tweaking the weight, levels, as well as a simple model. For the price of precious metals generally the same. You can save money by finding a cheaper cost of manufacture.


Beautiful or not the ring is usually the first consideration in choosing. You can choose the right shop or finding a rings and asked for a reference model specific. In choosing the model you need to remember, unlike other rings, diamond engagement rings will be used forever (ideally). So consider also the shape, what does not interfere with the activity, whether the design will last a long time and not quickly stale. Do not forget to consider both rings look beautiful in your hand. Usually the wedding date or a name partner. Choose the engagement rings are favored both partners and choose a design that survived beyond. You can bring examples of dress you will wear your engagement on the day to adjust to the shape or ring model and accessories.


This is not only related to the budget or taste, in determining the choice of materials, should also consider aspects of health. Are you allergic to materials - certain materials. In some cases, sweat a person reacts differently to certain substances. When buying a diamond rings do not forget to pay attention to 4C (Carat / carat, Clarity / Clarity, Cut / Cuts and Colour / Color).


Do not buy a rings without trying. The rings should be comfortable and attaches to the fitting on the finger not to narrow, ill-fitting, or the colors do not match the skin color anda. Tradition left ring finger ring finger left hand is a place that is usually used for wedding rings. There was no fixed rule about this but this tradition is so popular and universally applicable it is said this tradition comes from the ancient Roman belief that calls on the left ring finger that are directly related vein amoris heart of the. Practical reason is also often stated, the left hand rings finger is considered as the least used so that makeityourring diamond engagement rings is relatively safe to use.




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